Our Story

Sustainable Schoolwear is a unique Australian business making eco school uniforms and thinking about the whole lifecycle of a uniform.
The business started life as My Organic Uniform in 2013 and delivered Australia's first GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled polyester school basics range.  
We're keen to do things differently and are committed to creating sustainable schoolwear options that don't cost the earth and are made with care for the people and products used in the process of creating it.
We are committed to creating great school wear options that are healthy for kids, and the planet.
So proud to be named an AMP Tomorrow Maker 2019 and receive the funds to start a Pilot to upcycle non-wearable uniforms. Help us get 10 tonnes of old uniforms together for the Pilot. Sign-up on the Purpose Pilot tab on the Homepage. 
Sustainable Retailer 2017
Anne started Sustainable Schoolwear partnering with three schools in 2016 and has now grown to work with 21 schools in New South Wales.
Claire and Louise joined in 2018 and 19 respectively to help deliver our products. 
We believe in a healthy sphere of influence and want to deliver a circular solution where we can. As such we will launch our first certified recycled fibre for work and school wear this year. If just 10% of kids wore a sustainably made item we would save over 2billion litres of water and 3.6million bottles from landfill. We are proud to certify our products. and work with makers who, like us, are inspired to create a better world and healthy future for all of our kids. 
We're also extending our range so parents have more choice of sustainably made products for their kids to use at home or at school.